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نقل عفش بالمدينة المنورة

نقل عفش بالمدينة المنورة

26 فبراير 2018

حرفية وتقنية Technical Manager

wazaaf wazaafفي أي مكان



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تفاصيل الوظيفة:

 Must ensure Technical teams follow the correct procedures, policies and documentation requirements across project phases
 Able to guide the Technical team through the development, testing and implementation stages and review the completed work effectively
 Provide direction and technical expertise in design, development and systems integration
 Able to make quick decisions and solve technical problems to provide an efficient environment for project implementation
 Identify resource and equipment requirements, efficient capacity planning and manage software and hardware availability
 Must provide technical training to teams when required and serve as a technical mentor to team members
 Ensure standard operating procedures and project guidelines are in place
 Task allocation and performance evaluation of team members

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مكان الوظيفة: featured، وظائف فى القاهرة، و وظائف فى مصر. القسم: حرفية وتقنية.

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